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Do you want to be happy? Embrace your sorrow. Do you desire inner peace? Accept your anger. Do you long to be free? Befriend your frustrations. The way forward is never far. It is so close it may frighten you. Cover your ears. Close your eyes. Look within and listen carefully there. Hear once again the quiet power of your own voice. Feel once more the hidden truth of ancient intuition and your own unearthed insight. Delight but with some detachment in the words of others. There is no need to place your faith in shamans or systems from beyond. Nor must you submit your thoughts to the maneuverings of mindfulness. There is no special pose you can practice or any special renunciations required. There is wisdom in your own way. There is guidance in your heart. What another recommends may or may not suit you. Wisdom is not one-size-fits-all. What helps one hinders another, and the stone that causes a neighbor to stumble just might be your saving grace. It is easy to surrender yourself to foreign promises, hard to follow that path uniquely your own. There are so many external voices endlessly vying for your attention. Learning must come to an end. Reason itself has held sway over your most important decisions for too long. Devotion to that which you cannot live without arises gradually and quite naturally when the emptiness of your most careful calculations is finally revealed. Truth hurts, and how could it be otherwise? It’s okay to let go. Let the lies burn. Tell yourself you never liked them that much anyway, or, at the very least, they had their time but the currents are now changing. A strong person and a waterfall always channel their own path.

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