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People Are Strange

It is a lovely thing to move beyond awareness to actual appreciation of your strangeness. We are curious creatures, each and every one of us, bundles of contradictions and complexities, full of idiosyncrasies, too many to count. Your difference contributes to fashioning a world of curiosity and intrigue. The drive for uniformity, wherever it is found, and the desire to place too much emphasis on similarities, cannot help but ultimately lead to a lie. The truth is nothing is identical, not a single Amy, Adam, or atom within the vastness of the universe, and it is this inherent difference in each that can rightly elicit a sense of strangeness from one when looking upon the other. There is no citadel of normalcy. People are strange, even when you are not a stranger, delightfully so, and life itself is difference. Both Christopher Nolan and Friedrich Nietzsche got it right: that which does not kill you makes you stranger, and stronger, and xenophobia only appears when spurning the elegance of nature’s plurality. The ability to celebrate the weird and wild character of the world is the very thing breathing life into an otherwise drab and dreary existence. Where would you be without a little oddity and novelty in your day? The quirky and queer are as essential to living as the earth and air, and it is a precious thing to remember not only the aesthetic but moral quality of otherness. You are the difference.

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