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Natural Mystic

Trust what has been given to you. Trust your body. Have faith in your feelings. Believe your pain. Listen (really listen) to your heart. Your body has more wisdom than your greatest philosophy Nietzsche realized. You do not need to look for a way forward beyond the chaos constellating inside you. Anger is not your enemy. Do not attempt the impossible, looking to snuff out the embers of an inner flame burning since the dawn of time. Trust the fire. Be with the heat. Allow the warmth and light to touch you, refining you, opening you to a new way of seeing which everyone has but few use. When you feel the shame of jealousy, do not distrust your compass, seeking so quickly an alternate course to chart within the vast and dark ocean of your emotionality. Not only the ebb but also the flow is nature’s great teacher, offering you lessons too precious to pawn. When you are exhausted, heavy of heart, abased and unable to refuse any longer the honesty of your despair, be exceedingly gentle with yourself. Resist the ornery temptation to judge yourself. Brought low, you may discover for the first time the firm ground of your being. When what was once so clear becomes opaque, the illusion of knowledge vanishing like vapor, rest in the unknowing, allowing Aeolus the privilege of combing you, cooling you, brushing the beauty of your long and wearied face. And when the emptiness finally takes you, leaving you carved out like a lute, hollow on the inside, trust that the hollowing is always accompanied by a hallowing, like a friend who longs to see you through.

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