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Letting Go

Never mind all the noise going through your head. You can lose yourself, as many times as you need, under the raven sky, cleansed by the kindness of the moonlight, bathed in starlight. There is nothing holding you back except you. Release yourself. Everything is for giving. Nothing can be held for long anyway. And the one thing you believe to be yours alone is actually the last latch requiring release on the gateway of divinity. There is no reason to linger on all the terrible and tiny transgressions of your life any more. The universe is forgiving, continually letting go, a paragon plain for all to see. When you are forgiving, day breaks even the darkest of nights, and there appears glimpses on the horizon of a dawn you thought you might never see. What new love awaits? What loss and heartbreak? No one knows. Only you can take that first, courageous step into the unknown, unveiling the beauty of your becoming, remembering there is never a single blessing without also some blight. No matter how great your fortunes, your brokenness remains. No matter how persistent your pain, grace is never far away. One day, when the earth is swept from here by a caprice of cosmology, all will still be well. Though you are small, your life brief and fragile, a will-o’-wisp of the night, this does not count against you, for transience illuminates the preciousness everywhere. Thankfully, what you seek is not up high in the heavens but right here below. Linji knew the miracle is not to walk on water. The miracle is to walk the earth.

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