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Intuition begins in darkness. When you feel lost in life, whether for the first time or perhaps all over again, in need of a new sense of direction yet knowing truly you have nowhere else to turn but within, you may experience a moment of panic, uncertainty prickling the skin, confusion casting a blanket of black fog over the future, fear clouding the mind. For these reasons you might think to consider the road less traveled, some other path with the enticement of greener grasses heretofore barely glanced out of the corner of your eye. But choosing the road less traveled simply because it is less traveled, shining with an emerald veneer, is no better than rolling the dice and randomly choosing any old path. Navigating instead by the ancient instinct of intuition, you might accept an invitation to the organic, a willingness to get your hands dirty as you reach down deep into the dark soil of your soul to find and claim your most honest confessions, namely, that you know not, that you have learned far too much that matters not, and, that you are actually just as confused, bamboozled, and baffled now, decades into your life, as a new born babe suddenly shorn of the false belief there is only the world of the womb.

Intuition is likely to make you uncomfortable at times because of its uncanny ability to lead you to the real. Such discomfort is actually a friend who only feels unfriendly, ready to open your eyes to a true path leading you home. This is one of the reasons intuition is such a vital sense, worth trusting at least as much as you trust your other five senses, granting synchronicity with the real, and freedom for your heart to fall in love with what is real. In the midst of the whirlwind of life, intuition is the eye of the storm, an emerging inner calm concerning a decision, direction, or way of being in the world that works not against but in harmony with the facts, evidence, and more empirical elements of your existence. And there is cause for rejoicing, for intuition has never been a foreign but utterly intimate aspect of your being, only difficult to find or feel at times because of a reluctance to trust your innate ability to grow toward innocence, daring to discover an extraordinary life uniquely your own.

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