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Bioluminescence of the Soul

It is not so important to be understood as to understand how truly to share yourself with another. You will never be here again. This time, this very moment, it is yours, a gift, nothing you formed, fashioned, or otherwise willed into being. Somehow, you are here, and there has never been, and never will be again, another you. One of the great travesties of life is remaining on the surface of this mystery, ignoring your own depths, the well of soul within. Out of this well comes light, divine colors that dance, an illumination of delightfully distinguished hues brightening each of your relationships, shades of indigo, fuchsia, magenta and more, tones no other can ever replicate or replace. When your light is extinguished, the darkness left behind is its own gift, a reminder through absence of what once was, brilliant, brief, and precious. Remnants are the vestibules of soul. What you leave in the wake of your being may help others awake, if you are gentle and kind. Healing is sometimes thought to be an external antidote, the reception of some remedy from outside yourself you lack, yet essentially involves the very opposite: giving of self. When you give, from the secret and vulnerable places within, finding courage to speak your own truth, bringing the real you to light, there is foxfire, a happening, the bioluminescence of the soul. Generosity of soul is filled with fear and trembling to be sure. But better the unashamedly, unadorned you walk the shores of this life once than a thousand lives of any lesser iteration at all.

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